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Have you ever wanted to see the health of your network in a graph? To see when your ISP goes offline? Have you wanted to see when the remote office in Possom Trot has had its router go down? PingGraph is your answer.

With it you can see the health of your connection at a glance, identifying packet loss, latency and the approximate available bandwidth.


MultiHash builds MD5 hashes of single files, sets of files, directories, or entire drives. These hash values are published by some software vendors so you can verify that your downloads match their calculated hash values. This guarantees the integrity of the download and assures that nobody has modified the files.

So now you can not only verify the MD5 hash values of other software providers, you can create your own, or verify whether two directories are exact duplicates.


This tool to tells you all about your PC-connected GPS receiver. The one I'm using at home is the "mouse" variety, which is a USB device that has no display at all. It was shipped with Streets & Trips from Microsoft, but any serial-connected or USB GPS should work, and dozens of types have been tested.

GPSMonitor is freeware, meant to be downloaded and run without any need to pull out that battle-worn credit card.


PingGraph chart
PingGraph is a network monitoring tool that graphically shows you ping times and  bandwidth over time on a list of computer connections.

MultiHash screenshot

MultiHash builds MD5 hashes for individual files, sets of files, entire directory trees, and entire drives.

GPSMoniter screenshot

GPSMonitor shows you the information from a GPS attached to your laptop, using human-readable format with graphs, tables and maps.

Consulting and Development
Consulting screenshot

Consulting services are available for reasonable rates for a range of application design and development.