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Version is out, dated February 28, 2013. I included some new customer requests to make the email notifications more useful. It now has a threshold number of failed messages before it will send an email notification. That way a single lost ping is ignored, but a series of failures will cause a notification to be sent.

Track your connectivity, latency and bandwidth to multiple hosts at a glance with detailed graphs. Identify saturated links, lost packets, and outages. The latest minor update was to fix a startup issue which showed up on some systems. It is more stable and traps more error conditions such as bogus host names now.

Download ArrowDownload now and evaluate it for free. Enable unlimited logging and extended data storage by purchasing a registration code. If you can't download the executable installer, here is a zip file you can try instead.

Register NowBuy it now! All major credit cards accepted. A registration code will be delivered immediately via email, and will enable full functionality.

Product Info

PingGraph thumbnail Click to enlarge the screen shot.

PingGraph is a monitoring tool tailored to the needs of network administrators. PingGraph gathers ping response times from multiple host systems, and draws graphs of ping response over time, as well as estimating the current bandwidth available on the connection.

Scrolling graphs may be shown for a wide range of time scales from a minute to a year, allowing you to quickly identify trends, connectivity problems and packet loss across your network. Data is saved in a simple XML format for easy use by external applications. The log file size is automatically managed so you don't have to worry so much about disk space.

User Survey

Please fill out our survey for current and potential users of PingGraph to help us learn more about how you do your job and what will make your job easier.

Customer Comments

"This version is awesome! ... visually monitoring is extremely valuable." (a response to version

"... we use PingGraph to monitor the gateways of our WAN and a VPN. It has helped us be more proactive in our service delivery."

"I absolutely love the graphing capabilities. Good work!"

"I use it to remotely monitor a group of adsl and vpn routers via their adsl connections. It is working really well and has already shown up a poor performance connection."

"Really good stuff!"

One customer found a longstanding problem with their server hardware with PingGraph. They were seeing a graph with pings showing a strange low-high alternating sequence:

PingGraph screenshotClick to enlarge.

It was being caused by a problem with a particular model of multi-core HP + AMD server, and was well documented, if you knew to search for negative ping times. He downloaded a patch, and was up and running at higher efficiency in no time. Congratulations on the great sleuthing, Richard!

Current Release Notes

The release notes installed with the latest version of PingGraph may be viewed here. The release notes include details on pricing, registration, troubleshooting, and a FAQ. This file is included with the self-installing executable.

Technical Requirements

PingGraph requires .NET 4.0 to be installed, which may downloaded directly from Microsoft Corporation here or here.

It is large, so you may want to plan for a time when you can let the download run for a while. Modem users can order the update on CD from Microsoft.

Both Vista and Windows 7 come with the .NET runtime already installed, so you should be good to go if you're running a fairly new system and keep it updated regularly.

You can find the PAD file for PingGraph here. You can learn about PAD files here.

Web Reviews

Here are a few of the software download sites that have reviewed or tested PingGraph. Check out the user ratings on their sites.

PingGraph to download FileOasis.com - One of the largest shareware and freeware download sites for Windows, hundreds of categories with thousands of downloads.   Download from rbytes.net Fortedownloads.com Best PingGraph award Antivirus Report for PingGraph on SuggestSoft.com CLEAN Software certified by Download3000.com PingGraph Download is clean and safe, certified by www.softarea51.com

Wish List

Let me know if you have any features you'd really like to see.


PingGraph chart
PingGraph is a network monitoring tool that graphically shows you ping times and  bandwidth over time on a list of computer connections.

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Consulting and Development
Consulting screenshot

Consulting services are available for reasonable rates for a range of application design and development.