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GPSMonitor screenshotClick to enlarge.

Download ArrowDownload GPSMonitor now and use the full application for free! No registration or licensing needed. If you can't download the executable installer, here is a zip file you can try instead.

you can donate to the cause for this application if you like it and want to see it continue to grow new features. There's no "buy" button anywhere since it's free and doesn't have restricted features.

We've been through several versions now, so things are pretty stable. I'm just making minor feature enhancements from time to time now as I hear from users.

My most recent changes were to the average location graph. It now draws a 1 meter grid overlay, and the button on the screen (previously unused) will now copy the latitude, longitude and elevation to the clipboard. This was done at the request of a guy who uses it to do survey work for running fiber optic cables along telephone poles.


I purchased Microsoft's Streets & Trips mapping software because I thought it might come in handy for some planned travelling. It included a USB GPS that the software used to show real-time location updates. That was really cool and helped me on trips when I had the laptop running in front of my car's co-pilot, but I had no idea what the GPS was telling my PC across that USB cable.

After a few web searches, I found out a lot of cool information that comes out of a GPS, but Streets & Trips didn't show any of it. I decided it was time for a little coding to satisfy my curiosity.

GPSMonitor NMEA pageClick to enlarge.

Here's the raw NMEA data display. It's not terribly readable compared to the graphs and maps.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had created GPSMonitor. It has azimuth and elevation graphs of active satellites, a Google map, and data logging. It wasn't quite the little project I'd started.

I currently display GPS data for GSV, RMC, GGA, GGL, and GSA tags, each on its own tab in the main window.

My hope is that I will have saved you, a fellow GPS owner, a bit of time in satisfying your own curiosity.


GPSMonitor map screenshotClick for a live map sample.

There's a built-in web page that shows a map of your location based on your GPS readings. Clicking on the mini-screenshot will take you to the actual map page. Of course this feature only works if you're hooked to the Web while you're playing with your GPS.

Technical Requirements

GPSMonitor requires .NET 4.0 to be installed, which may be downloaded from Microsoft Corporation here. It is large, so you may want to plan for a time when you can let the download run for a while.

Vista and Windows 7 come with the .NET runtime already installed to at least version 3.something, so you should be good to go if you just update to 4.0 through the regular Windows Updates.

Wish List

Let me know if you have any ideas for me on what to add in. I've added new features, and even developed a whole new application for race timing using GPSMonitor as a starting point. I can't claim any real credit for this win, but here's a poster they sent me:

Big Bend Open Road Race


PingGraph chart
PingGraph is a network monitoring tool that graphically shows you ping times and  bandwidth over time on a list of computer connections.

MultiHash screenshot

MultiHash builds MD5 hashes for individual files, sets of files, entire directory trees, and entire drives.

GPSMoniter screenshot

GPSMonitor shows you the information from a GPS attached to your laptop, using human-readable format with graphs, tables and maps.

Consulting and Development
Consulting screenshot

Consulting services are available for reasonable rates for a range of application design and development.