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With over 20 years professional software development experience in a variety of languages, I am able to evaluate, design, write, and test software to meet your specific needs.

I have experience in a range of areas.

Here's an advertising video created by Global Port Training in Antwerp, Belgium showcasing a project of mine which is used to test potential heavy machinery operators to see how suitable they are for various types of work. Visual Studio 2010 was used to build the administrator interface, and the Unity 3D graphics engine was used for the student testing interface.

Other past projects include control code for mobile satellite internet connections, simulators for heavy machinery, automated test suites for graphics engines, along with game engines, graphics and logic development on Playstation and Xbox, with several small projects such as the PingGraph and GPSMonitor applications found on this site.


Let me know if you have a project in mind and would like to know more.


PingGraph chart
PingGraph is a network monitoring tool that graphically shows you ping times and  bandwidth over time on a list of computer connections.

MultiHash screenshot

MultiHash builds MD5 hashes for individual files, sets of files, entire directory trees, and entire drives.

GPSMoniter screenshot

GPSMonitor shows you the information from a GPS attached to your laptop, using human-readable format with graphs, tables and maps.

Consulting and Development
Consulting screenshot

Consulting services are available for reasonable rates for a range of application design and development.